The United Kingdom

With a pretty hefty history,  such as in “the sun never sets in the British Empire!”  – there are numerous countries associated with Great Britain.  One of the biggest of which is the United States, the new world brought in a lot of hope and families from UK in merchant ships to huge harbors like New York, Boston and Baltimore.

My direct lineage points back to a farm family in the provinces of  the UK, no royalty though that would have been more fun bragging about. Well no royalty here or any links to nobility or past fame.

My recent visit to London, Ireland, Wales and Scotland and surrounding areas, got me thinking of this amazing country with so much of a past.  Things I am passionate about such as the Beatles, Scottish cheese and fine literature makes me wonder more and more about why this place holds dear to my heart and I am always caught thinking about my last visit there and what I will do in my next one..

Why I Love the UK?


Above everything else, it has got to be the music.  In the US, we had Elvis, Jimi Hendrix,  Simon and Garfunkel and the Doors but from England, we got the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who — just one legendary band after another — then of course they gave us Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and the likes of Pink Floyd and so much more..

During the Baroque era – while European maestros dominated the musicsphere, rock and roll was pretty dominant with Rock and Roll coming from the UK..

During my trip I went around small cafes and pubs and actually was able to see so much memorabilia and landmarks of these great bands when they were just starting to gig around.


It may be a little one sided that me, being a native English speaker , with almost no Hispanic, “me no habla espanol” – that I am partial to the English Language , and the UK was where this language morphed and originated.

I think about Shakespeare, Dickens and all the other amazing authors that gave us stories, gave us romance in words.. Its pretty outstanding!

UK love it!


Although Chicken Tikka Masala is pretty Indian – once you try and if you have tried Mexican food before – it is actually pretty good – I recommend you go for the mildly spicy version if you are a beginner.  And of course you have the English Tea and Fish and Chips.. and loads of Lager beer..

Here are a few blogs that may help you discover England more  :





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