Las Vegas


This is where I live and in particular, its amazing that the whole world knows a lot of Vegas but they don`t know much yet about people who actually live here 24/7/365.

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Thats Vegas!

It is the entertainment capital of the world and the City of Sin — but if you really lived here, you would see how wonderful this place is. How family oriented it can be .. and the perks — well you always have the best place to paint the town red – right next to you!

SO, what do you do in Las Vegas besides party and get hungover!

There`s a lot that meets the eye and a lot more than goes around that what you see in TV ad Movies.  There are pressing news and I think our city of Las Vegas is interesting enough to keep track of a few news and events or political issues that trickle over locally.

OK so here are some amazing facts about Las Vegas :

  • Founded in 1905
  • Our Local Newspaper – Las Vegas Review Journal or LVRJ.. A lot of the news will be sourced from this website
  • Yea! – we dont pay our taxes.. and we have something called the Nevada State Benefit

Here`s an Image to Support that :

Image Courtesy of

Nevada Tax Benefits

Nevada Tax Benefits

  • Home of the grandest hotels and casinos in the world
  • Lets not forget the amazing shows on the strip
  • Shopping, Gambling, Nightlife and Luxury Restaurants are almost everywhere, its unbelievable..
  • Its is the 31st most populous city in the United States
  • Some of the worlds most amazing gated golf communities are right up here – like The Ridges in Summerlin and Southern Highlands.
  • Official Las Vegas Website – you can search for any information here if you are visiting here soon.

Las Vegas Blogs :

See what I found today about Vegas?

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