Finding good real estate in SouthWest Florida

Amazing SouthWest Florida Real Estate

South West Florida is comprised of these cities with their respective Counties:

  • Bradenton in Manatee County
  • Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs in Lee County
  • Naples, Collier County
  • Sarasota and North Port in Sarasota County
  • Punta Gorda, Charlotte County

Sunny Florida, just like some of the major coastal areas in California are breeding grounds for both local and international tourism, especially when the winter seasons are near and people need to go somewhere warmer just to escape some of that freezing temperature.


image courtesy of Southwest Florida Real Estate 

Carney Properties in Cape Coral is an exemplary real estate outfit with an amazing website, that caters to all the needs of the SouthWest Floridians and for all those who wish to live there.  They cater to the needs of the people in wanting to rebuild their home to make them look more cohesive to the modern designs and architecture of the 2010`s. Their website which is also fulfill the need for a complete and wide search necessary for any home seeker in any of the Southwest Florida communities especially Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Naples and Bonita Springs by simply using their MLS home search feature that simplifies home searching and has auto-suggestion features that makes finding homes very easy.

The Carney Real Estate Group in SWFL ( Southwest Florida ), also provide equally opportunities for real estate professionals to be affiliated with them so that they can have access to some of the foreclosures and Bank Reo homes that are in demand by most rehabbers and home rebuilders.  Their portal at Auction Market Dominator in Southwest Florida provides all the information that is needed for re-sellers and buyers alike.

While property hunting is made so easy with Google and with so many ways to view websites, soon the overwhelming sensation comes over.  Which realtor do I work with? Who has the best home inventory and credibility in selling or buying a piece or real estate. There are literally thousands of amazing homes and there are so many options and websites to choose from.

Southwest Florida real estate is amazing because most of the homes are never too far from the coast or from the waterfront. Here, you will see most homes built especially around this landscape, residents in SouthWest Florida love the water and love to use their boats which they tie up right on their private boating decks  after a long and sunny cruise at the Florida Gulf Area.

The properties, the real estate and homes –  both new constructions and those  up for sale in the market are meant to make living here both peaceful and convenient.  The sun, the water, the amazing Cuban/American food and cuisine makes this place envious to most who are so far from living in a warm place.  There is nothing better, nothing more special than to drive downtown with the top-down and enjoy the breezy summer day where you can see the sunlight hit you eye between palm trees while they shake gently with the wind. This is a place unlike any other.


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