Childless in Nevada

A childless couple and their struggle..

Its not often you tend to think about what it means to be infertile. We all take it for granted and even take precaution to be making too many kids.. in fact most of our society take our reproductive abilities as a negative and all the while; there are people who just seem to be on the exact different side of things.

On an everyday basis I still bump into some old friends occasionally and then we pop the most usual question.. “how`s the missus ..  and how are the kids?” —

Lets call my friend “Justin” for anonymity. It was a bit of a different situation because he saw me with my kids and he being a few years elder to myself, looked at my kid and said.. “Well.. we are working on it..” – me being completely clueless and insensitive said..” .. must feel like a vacation .. everyday..” with a smile unable to comprehend the dissatisfaction in his reply.

He then went on to say they have been into IVF and there have been a few miscarriages and so on.. it was to me .. something very new.. it was a little amazing to the fact that that’s what most people do.. wear condoms.. take birth control pills, not wanting new kids as a result of intimacy.. and then on this side of the fence were people who longed and never got.. and they try and try using IVF, or ART Assisted Reproductive Treatment..

Well the first thing I felt was a little bit of relief but one that was,  I have to admit, I had a “Guilty”.. feeling.. I was sorry for them not having a baby, happy they were trying, but also because I took my figure as a parent to be a natural one when there are many who cant do this naturally.. but am glad we have some answers from science.. and from hope, faith, beliefs, .. whatever.. — Thank God he left us with alternatives.

So being me I felt I wanted to do some research especially in the Las Vegas Area and to see what options they were going through.. I then understood that there was a clinic in the area , was a sought after IVF destination, I also learned that the doctor, being a Las Vegan himself.. was actually a master on this side of medicine.

Well, I don’t know when I would meet “Justin” again, and  if I would ever be able to do a quick one-on-one with him, but when I do .. I will make sure we have a lunch or preferably dinner set aside for us and my family.

I want to see him succeed and I think for now a personal victory is much needed. Just my thoughts on this day.. on how much we do not know about infertility and its impact on people..

But RESOLVE is doing a great job is seems on being on the forefront about this, other orgs and companies are INCIID and then there areInfertility Treatments available.. for those who think that maybe its not safe or religious to try them,.. go ahead.. it wouldn’t be religious to have my appendix removed.. but I did it and I was saved.. God never intended us to be dummies, we have the right to choose our happiness and advancement in science is in Gods blessings.


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