What I Did in the UK and Cornwall

The UK, Cornwall and Ireland

Over 2 years of continuous work and then I earned a holiday.  Right away, I knew where I would want to go. It had to be the UK and Ireland. I had never been there  — I was always looking for a way to earn enough free days for such a long distant trip, before this you see the furthest I had ever been was Mexico!

It was a 2 week vacation, all expenses paid and all I had to do now was plan my trip.  I would first want to get to London, then go off to the provincial areas of Britain, Scotland and Wales. Then, eventually head to Dublin and then Belfast – back to London and then New York and back to Vegas.

I knew nothing about travel but here are a few websites that helped me get my lodging, food and sight seeing.

My London and Cornwall Lodging And Travel Accommodations :

cornwall cottages

I was happier than ever to know that I could actually drive around from London, Cornwall and then upwards to Scotland. The roads and villages I passed were exactly what I thought they would be.  I was overly impressed with the history and culture of Central London. I was able to visit some of the most important museums that housed works from Chaucer, Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.. but what got me even more was my drive though the Cornwall and the lovely accommodation. I would have wanted to stay at my Cornwall vacation rental home more than any other place.

I was glad I owned a Nikon DSLR and I will be updating my Hi-resolution pictures of my trip soon but it will have to be hosted elsewhere since they are especially large..

Well am back and I think I will be visiting again …


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