Whats Up with Celebrity DUIs?

Celebrities need to do their partying but when it gets too much, the world gets to know about them!  I guess that`s the counter side of being popular – you cant really choose your next news!

1. Carlos Santana 13th of September Las Vegas

Carlos Santana ran his Fisker Karma in 2 parked cars. Reasons are that he was asleep behind the wheel. But was it Booze!! — There were no BAC tests and others carried out and there is not much but this one was treated as a mere fender bender. I dont think hes going to really need a DUI lawyer in Las Vegas for this one.

Image coutesy of http://www.tmz.com/2013/09/18/carlos-santana-car-crash-accident-las-vegas-fell-asleep-wheel-photo/

2. A BUI in LAKE MEAD, Las Vegas, NV

The real Erin Brockovich was out boating all day and seemed she could not “Park” her boat properly which lead to the BUI inquiry. A BUI is Boating Under Influence and you can be arrested for that!

She was out instantly with a $1000 Bail.

erin brockovich BUI las Vegas

3. Mel Gibson, Heather Locklear and Keifer Sutherland DUIs

These are some popular ines — While they weren’t caught in the same time and same place partying together.. They were all once arrested for DUI and released on Bail.

ScreenHunter_634 Sep. 30 16.25

4. Ritchie Sambora, the guitar player from Bon Jovi 2008

DUI inside a HUMMER, Laguna Beach ,, CALIFORNIA..

ScreenHunter_635 Sep. 30 16.26

5. Rick SpringField`s Ugly DUI and Subsequent Arrest for Failure to turn up in Court!

We don`t hear much of him and then this.  Driving in a Corvette in Malibu – he was charged with DUI and things got worse when he failed to appear in COURT.

This is an UGLY DUI scenario where Rick was allegedly threatening the deputy that he would “KILL” the officer.. if the officer towed his car!

Jessies Girl SInger

6. Vince Neil Las Vegas DUI

Las Vegas again!.. Vince Neil from Motley Crue has a string of accusations and hes been keeping his lawyer busy.

DUI, battery and domestic violence.. hes been pretty busy and would probably need an entire weblog dedicated to him ..

vince neil motley crew


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