Is Nevada Violent?


Domestic Violence Turns Deadly :

Flipping through some old news archives in the Review Journal of Las Vegas,  what obviously got my attention was the piece of news of Domestic Violence in Las Vegas, NV.

Its a shattering story but what got me even worried was – ” According to a 2012 report by the Violence Policy Center, Nevada ranked first in the nation for domestic violence killings…”

Nevada Ranks #1 for domestic violence killings, this came as a shock to me and as I read through the other news feeds at the bottom of the page, it became apparent that Nevada is violent!

IN another news, Officials say the Domestic Violence Stat Number is old and outdated for Nevada and Domestic Violence crime is moving down in Nevada.. Lets hope you aren`t just masking your numbers here!!

Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence

The above link has plenty of information on how people dealing with in Nevada can take some action.

Family Violence Intervention

This link is just disturbing. The site is worried that the abuser is going to be even more hurtful if the victim is on the website, and so they have a quick get out of here button.. Check it..  . The webpage then goes on about how to be able to secure yourself from computer data, emails etc..

Know the laws of Nevada Domestic Violence, their criminal proceeding and sentencing.

Click to know more Domestic Violence Facts in Las Vegas

My heart goes out to those who are victims of these crimes because :

  • A Home is supposed to be about love
  • A Marriage should be about supporting each other
  • A home should be  a place where you should feel most secure and
  • A partners company is  something we all need to depend upon once in a while
  • Children need their parents and depend on them

I feel that their most basic level of life and freedom are taken over by manipulative bastards.

Nevada – you got to be kidding me!


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