What the … ?!

Look Mama — See what I Found Today

The Sexual Drive can never be Underestimated. 

How does this happen? Two prisoners being escorted in a police van and one of them perform oral sex on the other..

Read the story of our Romeo and Juliet.. or should I say Carlisa and Alexis,

Jail Love Birds


What is a Die-O-Rama..!

Apparently, Abigail Goldman formerly from Las Vegas Sun is making a major move in being able to make Gross Crime scenarios using some toys and stuff.. I guess its only relevant now that she works as an investigator in the Las Vegas Public Defense Office.  She was quoted to have said this to the Los Angeles Time “”I said, ‘Oh, look at all the little people! Wouldn’t it be fun to have them hacking each other in half?

Image courtesy : huffingtonpost.com



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